Shellac nails CND
14 day wear hands/ lasts 6+ weeks on toes/ zero dry time/ mirror finish... really!

shellac (hands) inc. nail tidy & cuticles £22.00 LOYALTY (one 1/2 PRICE treatment for every 5 mix 'n' match)
shellac (toes) inc. nail tidy & cuticles £22.00 (LOYALTY)
shellac irresistable foils £22.00 (LOYALTY)
shellac rockstar £22.00 (LOYALTY)
...shellac with embedded glitter of your choice for daring, dazzling, show-stopping nails
or add to any manicure, pedicure or acrylic nails (see below)
quick soak removal £5.00/ or free with your next appointment


Sculptured acrylic nail enhancements - the strongest, most beautiful nail extension...

What are sculptured acrylics?
These are acrylic nails extensions (pictured above) built up on 'forms'. The free edge (also known as the tip or the white part of the nail) is created by hand using acrylic liquid and powder. No tips are used at all because this free edge is built up on top of the form. The form fits perfectly to the individual nail, creating the perfect curve and improved strength & durability. The whole process is done by hand and the art takes years to master. This is one of the reasons you don't see sculptured nail extensions offered in every salon.
Why are sculptured nails stronger?
They are stronger for several reasons. A typical nail extension (where a tip has been applied) has a weak spot where the tip is attached to the natural nail. This is why many breaks often occur at the tip. The sculptured nail does not have this weakness because there is no tip. Although each nail has a white 'free edge' and a pink 'body' it is the same product covering the nail from cuticle to free edge and therefore there is no weak spot. The sculptured nail is also stronger because the strength of the nail extension comes from the bond between the acrylic coating and the natural nail. When a tip has been used there is less natural nail touching the acrylic than when a nail has been sculptured. We believe sculptured acrylic nails are the strongest nail extensions available today.
How are they more beautiful?
To the untrained eye the true beauty of the nail enhancement may go unnoticed, but to a passionate nail tech (ok we're nail geeks) we need curves in all the right places! Sculptured acrylics are beautiful, perfectly curved nail enhancements because the forms fit each person's nails individually. This type of extension also looks incredibly natural because the whole thing is created by hand.
How long should my nails last?
No two sets of nails last exactly the same. The amount of time before an infill is needed is determined by the skill of the technician and the way in which they are looked after by the client. The oiliness of the natural nail plate and whether the nails were badly bitten before the extensions were applied also influences the lifespan of the nails to some degree. Most clients choose to come for infills every 3 wks. Some prefere fortnightly appointments and some clients with our senior technician come monthly.
Why are there different prices?
As mentioned before sculpturing acrylics by hand is a technique which takes lots of practise. The prices we charge reflect the level of skill and amount of experience of the technician.

acrylic nail enhancements CND
all full sets and maintenance services include a FREE gel topcoat
                                                            senior technician
full set sculptured french acrylics                     £35.00
white and pink powder with forms
full set sculptured natural acrylics                    £35.00
natural powder with forms
full set with tips                                             £35.00
infill (2-4 weeks) repairs free of charge                                         £25.00
rebalance                                                      £30.00
for sculptured acrylics with pink and white powder
soak off & buff & tidy                                     £12.00  
soak off & new set                                        £40.00        
shellac nail colour                                         +£5.00
replacement nail                                             £3.00                                                          

almond spa manicures CND
a conditioning range of products which nourish and soften cuticles and promote strong, flexible nails... a journey cradled in sweet almond oil, johoba oil and vitamin e. breath in. exhale. relax... all finished with top of the range weekly polish system Vinylux. For more info click here
file & polish £10.00
file & french polish £10.00
almond spa manicure 40mins £16.00
includes almond milk bath (a warm oil hand soak), cuticle tidy, hand & arm massage, buff, enamel and solar speed spray 
almond spa manicure with shellac 1 hour £25.00
luxury almond spa manicure 1 hour £20.00
includes everything in the almond spa manicure plus hand & arm exfoliation and heated mitts (the heat from the mitts helps the hands re-absorb moisture - great for dry skin conditions)
paraffin +£3.00

marine spa pedicures CND
marine botanicals and sea salts energise. quartz crystals and menthol cool... a service designed to refresh and revitilise like a brisk barefoot walk in the surf. feet reborn. tension eased. spirit satisfied...
file & polish £10.00
file & french polish £10.00
mini spa pedicure 40 mins £17.00
marine spa pedicure  1 hour £27.00
marine mineral bath, nail and cuticle tidy, full lower leg and foot salt scrub followed by removal of rough skin and massage, plus enamel and speed spray
marine spa pedicure with minx 1 hour 15 mins £32.00
marine spa pedicure with shellac 1 hour 15 mins £32.00
luxury marine spa pedicure 1 hour 15 mins £32.00
includes all of the marine spa pedicure plus a marine masque and heated booties!

view minx designs
we have a wide selection of minx designs available. if we haven't got the design you want, we can order it in for you (£5 surcharge). to order your personal design please find the design name by clicking 'view minx designs' above and then contact us with the design name to arrange an appointment...
what is minx?
a revolutionary new nail product that provides perfect, instantly dry nail art on the toes!
how does it work?
minx nail coatings are softened using infra red light, placed on the nails and allowed to cool. as they cool they form a strong bond with the nails
what are the benefits?
dry instantly! a relatively quick proceedure, taking approximtely 30-40mins. fantastic metallic foil-effect minx is available in silver and gold as well as more complicated colourful nail art designs that can't always be achieved using traditional nail art techniques. easy to remove yourself - simply soften the minx using heat (i.e. hairdryer or soak in a warm bath) and coatings should peel off with gentle pressure. lasts up to 8 weeks!
top tips for happy minxs!
be aware that heat softens the bonds between your nail and the minx coatings, however these bonds are still very strong so as long as you don't pick you should be happily minxed for 6-8 weeks!
minx my toes! £22.00 (LOYALTY)
or add to any pedicure +£10.00